Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Bink Storyboards

Eric Miller posted the original storyboards for Bink on his YouTube channel.  It's a fun chance to see behind the scenes and see what we start with as animators.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

FLASHBACK: Madagascar 2 Halfway Party

Entering the party grounds
So I believe it's been about 10 years since this occurred.  PDI was an amazing place.  It sounds like a cliche' but it really was like a family there.  I only had one brief year before I transferred down to the Glendale campus - but one of the surreal highlights was definately the Madagascar 2 "halfway party" they threw for us for hitting the 50% mark on the film that spring.  It was also one of my first experiences seeing the fun and crazy parties the company likes to throw.  And it was a heck of a party...

There was a petting zoo with zebras.  They brought in lemurs (to "move it move it").  There was a fake volcano that erupted after a few words from the co-directors of the film.  They had a golf cart that took guests on a safari.  It was all held in the beautiful outdoor common area of Redwood Shores behind the studio.  And of course tons of food, drinks, and friends. 

Directors Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell

Look - crowd characters printed out life size!

A younger me petting a zebra

So damn cute

My first "real" job involves a confetti volcano

Friday, March 23, 2018

Jackson Alley Film Festival

This year, a bunch of us faculty at APSU decided we needed a film festival.  The result of lots of brainstorming with the departments of Theatre, Communications, and Art+Design is the Jackson Alley Film Festival!   (Jackson Alley is the name of the city street that defines the "arts" area of campus)

We have about 35 students on 6 teams competing in this first year!  We've been holding some workshops and really trying to get the students to collaborate outside their usual department influence.  Today we announced the teams as well as the theme for this year's films.  Now the teams have one month to film a short film that will premier during the Festival on April 26th!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Highway Rat Wins At NYCIFF

The Highway Rat just won the Audience Award (age 3-6) at the New York International Children's Film Festival.   It was also it's North American premier.  Congrats to Jeroen Jaspaert and everyone at Triggerfish!

Monday, March 19, 2018

MoCap Arrives At APSU

Here's a video with Professor Talon Beeson from Theatre and I talking about the five new motion capture suits we co-wrote a grant for.  We received a Faculty Innovation Grant to purchase the Smart Suit Pros from the Rokoko company in Denmark.  We just got the suits about a month ago and are starting to play with them.  This is super exciting - and is a great way for the theatre and animation students to interact!

Here's an updated video including footage from Ed Tech day!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Crew Gift Maquettes

Our house now has a new home for all our studio statues.  This was always one of the best perks of working on an animated film was the crew gift maquette.  Of course, there's a few movies that didn't have enough budget left for a full maquette (Peabody, Megamind).  But we have Madagascar 2, Madagascar 3, Turbo, Home, Shrek Forever After, Moana, How To Train Your Dragon, and Kung Fu Panda 3.  I also have a Mr Toad statue thrown in to fill in the space.