Monday, April 7, 2014

A Focus on Home

My short gig on KFP3 has wrapped up.  Those were a fun and fast five weeks!  But, to quote the Head of Animation Dan Wagner - "It's time for you to go back Home now"

It's always interested coming back onto a show.  Even after just over a month away, a lot has changed on "Home".  I think there's a bit more energy to the show now - the short really galvanized the crew, and it's been really fun seeing everyone's response to it.  It's even informing some decisions on the feature film now.  So I'll be on this one until the show wraps....or my new son is born - whichever comes first!

And speaking of Family and Home.  The big event this week is my family will be moving into our very first house!  In a very frantic month, we managed to find and purchase a home in Burbank that we really fell in love with.  It'll be great to have a yard for the dog and kid(s) to play in, and a place to finally call our own.  Also, it'll be the first time in over nine years in this industry where I won't have to drive an hour to work!