Sunday, July 28, 2019

APSU Student Work at SIGGRAPH 2019

Some Austin Peay student work from animation and visual effects was chosen to be shown at this years SIGGRAPH conference in LA. APSU joins a list of 34 other schools who's student projects were chosen to be screened all conference long at the Education Committee Booth.  Soon after the conference it will be made available on the website for other educators to view and be inspired from.

You can find the press release HERE

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Crowds Dept Meetup

Today is our last day hanging out for the summer in California, and I was so excited to see a bunch of the old DreamWorks Crowds Dept come out for a last minute lunch at one of our old hangouts. In the last five years, this team is now part Disney and part DreamWorks - and one of the first times many of us have seen each other since the era of Dragons 2! When people ask if I miss DreamWorks or living in L.A., I really don't. But I miss getting to spend my days with these guys.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Disney Animation Studio Visits

We had lots of funny visiting Heather at work as much as possible this summer! We had lunch at the lighting departments "Snuggly Duckling" bar (from Tangled) to the commissary at the ABC Building to coffee on the main old Disney Lot. And lots of shopping at the Disney Employee Store. And LOTS of playing the Wreck-It Ralph arcade machine!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Disney Animation BBQ

In the time Heather previous was at Disney, we never were able to make it to the annual Family BBQ. The first year she was on maternity leave, and we left for Tennessee about a week before it was held the second year. But finally we made it! We had lots of fun, the kids lost their minds getting to see a sneak peak of Frozen 2, and I found out that Lewis and I together have GREAT taste in Hawaiian shirts.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Eric Miller Animation 5 Years

Today marks Eric Miller Animation Studios 5th anniversary. It was very nice to see my name included in the social media posts. It's also fun to see this pose of Bink that I created several years ago pop up again! 

Eric's company was one of my first big freelance gigs after leaving DreamWorks, and was one of the most satisfying projects I've done. It also gave me confidence that I could be successful and enjoy this new teaching/freelancing life I had chose. I can't wait to see what Eric accomplishes in the next 5 years...