Friday, April 29, 2016

"American Idiot" Set Design for The Roxy

Had a great experience this semester getting to help out The Roxy Regional Theatre here in Clarksville with their production of "American Idiot"

They were looking for art students from APSU to help do the scenic design for the production.  Fellow professors Patrick Gosnell and Rachel Bush and I decided to team up and round up a team of students to tackle the job.  Having a background in theater design, I took the lead communicating with The Roxy, meeting with the director Tom Thayer and director of development Ryan Bowie.  They provided me with a rough set plan, which I mocked up in 3d on the computer and gave to a design student to do some concepts in photoshop.

We had hundreds of fun flyers and leaflets created by several design students to wallpaper the set with.  I supervised some scenic painting of bricks while we wallpapered and spray-painted graffiti on the entire set from top to bottom.  I came back a few days later to lay down some concrete floor painting to finish it all off.

It was a lot of hard work and fun, and I'm very proud of the awesome work from the students!  They all seemed very proud as well.  I think it was a great chance for them to work on a collaborative project and see their work in a new venue.

It was also great to get the chance to work with The Roxy and return to my theater roots again.  Hopefully this will be the first of many collaborations!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Student Short Film "Cacti"

I'm really excited to share with you the short film my special topics Animation Production class put together this semester.  We spent about half the class pitching individual story ideas, and then boarding them out.  Then we all voted for one to make into our collaborative short.

We put the whole thing together in about 8 weeks.  The first half was spent on pre-production - boarding out different beats, look of picture, full animatic, and animation tests.  From the first shot launch to final was about 4 weeks.  I'm really proud of my students pulling this all together.

I think they learned an appreciation for the collaborative nature of studio work.  We had highs and lows, fun laughs during dailies, and fears it wouldn't get finished.  Shots were handed over to others at the last min, a few continuity issues were fixed in post, and we were running a flash drive down the hallway to make it to the screening on time.  In other words, it felt like a full real-world production!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Heather's Workshop Begins

Excited for Heather to run another section of her class for CGSociety on Advanced Matte Painting.  With the new structure starting up, she'll now be running this four times a year.  She is an amazing instructor, and covers both the technical challenges and artistry of complicated digital matte paintings and projections.  Check it out at:

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bink First Look

Excited to see some initial renders of Bink!  I believe they're on track to wrap up the first episode by the end of the month.  As usual, one of my favorite moments is seeing the character lit for the first time.  After countless hours staring at a flat gray version of the character, to see them with all the extras like fur, shading, and a full environment is always thrilling.

During animation there's that moment when a character starts to come alive.  But at this stage, the character starts to become real.

Friday, April 1, 2016

KCA Shot Progression

Until I get the chance to recut my animation reel, I thought it'd be fun to see a progression of the Kid's Choice Awards shot.  It was really fun to see everything that the compositor added in - such as the ground getting torn up, birds scared from the roar, and footdust effects.  It was also a fun surprise to see they added a virtual camera move to the shot, pushing in quite a bit towards the end - which I loved because it really helped make the dinosaur run more dynamic!