Sunday, August 7, 2011

Class 3 Week 6: Refining Elevator Shot

The big note coming out of last week was that the camera was too far away.  So I pulled in the camera fairly dramatically - however, that meant that my little running guy was out of frame for most of the beginning frames.  Since I need at least 100 frames of animation for the assignment, my wife Heather had the idea to add a second person in the elevator.  It was a lot of fun to have some conflict added to the shot and play with the personality of the new guy.

One other change that might not be noticeable at first -  the set is about half the size it was last week.  Once I added the second guy (and added elevator buttons) I realized the doors were about 12 feet high.  With their smaller scale and the camera pull in, they look almost the same.

Before the suggestion of adding the second guy, I had just planned on doing a camera move to pan across and follow the run (therefore keeping the 100 frames of animation).  I'm posting that video too, just because I really liked the dynamic the camera pan gave.