Sunday, June 3, 2012

Class 5 Week 10: Refinements and Other Niceities

 Lots and lots of work into this week's assignment.  The goal is to have it final and ready to go - that way the next week (yikes! only one week left) can be just the final little polishing touches.

Made some decently big changes in the timing, giving the Sign Guy's first take to have another beat to breath.  Also kept motions, such as turns or looks, moving across the cuts.  Cutting on the action really helped it feel like one continuous action again.  

Other touches are adding in weight to the props, overlap/drifting on holds, refining the mouth shapes, and not for nothing - the Briefcase Guy was always missing ears previously :)

Still not sold on the Briefcase Guy's final pose/action.  I feel that I've done the "timid jump" too many times to repeat it again...planning to experiment with him holding more still.  I'll try to sell that pose with his expression, or possibly have him drop the suitcase....