Tuesday, November 26, 2013

President Obama Visits DreamWorks!

Well, this was a special day here at DreamWorks.  President Obama came to give remarks (not a speech, apparently these are two different things).  Apparently this is the first time a sitting President has visited a film studio in 40 years.   So it was crazy all week leading up to main event.  Tons of security - we had to park over at the LA Zoo and get bused into work, go through round one of security to get inside the campus, and then a second round of security to get into the speaking area!

Very cool experience.  The President as always was well spoken and looked like he was having fun.  It's been great hearing stories getting traded around all day between employees.  Some of the MoCap guys got some extended time showing him a demo...and rumor is he even got to see our Hidden Room (the impressive bar CFX built hidden behind a wall)

No President yet, but I got pretty close to the podium!