Wednesday, October 28, 2015

High School Visits

Kenwood High School
Northeast High School

This Fall I talked to three Clarksville high schools.  While this was partly a recruiting effort, I approached it as a chance to talk about making a living as an artist. My lecture was titled “Art & Animation: Visual Storytelling” and was geared to appeal and inform a very general audience. So whether a student was interested in computer science or traditional art, they would find something inspiring to take away. After each visit, several students would approach after the presentation to talk further. Often they would share their own character designs and even personal animation. This is a good reminder that the technical hurdle (and obstacle of access) that I remember at that age no longer exists. These kids are already creating animations on their Nintendo DS, posting it to YouTube, and getting feedback from around the world. It’s a whole new game out there, and it’s always helpful to be reminded of that. 

Flyer at Northwest High School