Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Student Short Film "Cacti"

I'm really excited to share with you the short film my special topics Animation Production class put together this semester.  We spent about half the class pitching individual story ideas, and then boarding them out.  Then we all voted for one to make into our collaborative short.

We put the whole thing together in about 8 weeks.  The first half was spent on pre-production - boarding out different beats, look of picture, full animatic, and animation tests.  From the first shot launch to final was about 4 weeks.  I'm really proud of my students pulling this all together.

I think they learned an appreciation for the collaborative nature of studio work.  We had highs and lows, fun laughs during dailies, and fears it wouldn't get finished.  Shots were handed over to others at the last min, a few continuity issues were fixed in post, and we were running a flash drive down the hallway to make it to the screening on time.  In other words, it felt like a full real-world production!