Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"Trolls" at Cannes Film Festival

A whole bunch of clips from Trolls came out today from a showing at the Cannes Film Festival.

It's fun to see the Cloud Guy clip in it's finished form.  He was always a big hit back in the storyboarded screenings I saw about a year ago now.  It's just so damn weird, and gives a good idea of the sensibilities of this movie.  The fact that Cloud Guy is still in gives me hope that this movie has been able to keep it's weirdness intact.

Interesting to see the True Colors performance.  It shows the nice range of insane and poignant that the film is trying to balance.  Now, of course, last time I heard it with a slightly different pairing...

And finally a new song from Justin Timberlake for the film.  It'll be interesting to see how much more music he brings into the final film.