Saturday, September 17, 2016

Battle of the New Trailers!

So, the last couple of years, it seems my wife and I have animated films competing head-to-head during the a movie season.  At first it was Heather's "Big Hero 6" against my "Penguins of Madagascar" - Heather's film arguably won that round.  Next was her "Zootopia" versus my "Kung Fu Panda 3" dragon warrior effort.  Since Zootopia is the second highest grossing original film ever, and highest grossing animated non-sequel ever, we'll give Heather that victory as well.

Now we come to Fall 2016.  Releasing 19 days apart will be Disney/Heather's "Moana" and DreamWorks/Scott's "Trolls"

It will mark each of our own last big contributions to animated films after a decade in the industry (although Heather did get the chance to do some work on Disney's next release).  But I see this as the door finally closing on that era for us.  It's always a huge rush seeing the film on the big screen, wondering what last minute changes happened, and even vainly and anxiously sitting through the credits to see if your name got included.  We each know the films each respective studio is putting out for the next three years or so, and we'll have a little investment seeing what's changed from those initial pitches to the employees, and we'll be rooting for a big success for all of our good friends still at the studios working hard on these films.  But it won't be a personal investment.  We (probably) won't have another head-to-head battle for box office and critical acclaim after this fall.  Honestly, I think Heather is going to be going 3 for 3 on that one, so I'm okay closing this door :)

Check out the trailers below!
(I'm docking the Trolls one several points because they felt they needed to have actors interviewed in the trailer AND it just gave away some giant plot points!)