Friday, April 7, 2017

"Racing Legends" Theme Park Attraction

This is the main show building at PortAventura World's new Ferrari Land expansion that opens today.  I had the chance to work with Tau Films to animate multiple racing scenes for the attraction Racing Legends.  The ride, which is an omni dome simulator experience, is located in the main Ferrari Experience show building seen above.  From the press release:
Racing Legends allows visitors the opportunity to put their driving skills to the test. They can drive a Ferrari through the streets of Rome and along the most famous racing circuits in the world. They can even drive around imaginary futuristic scenes. The Omnimax simulator experience begins with a call for ‘drivers of the future’ who will experience the adventure on one of 10 mobile platforms.
Starting from a previs, I amped up the action with the animated the cars and camera animation.  I took on the initial track of Barcelona, Rome, and the futuristic Tron-like final course.  You can read more about how Mousetrappe and Tau Films approached the ride HERE

I have always been a big nerd and fan when it comes to theme parks, so I loved the opportunity to work on one!  I just need to get to Spain now to go see it in person....