Monday, April 20, 2020

Spring Senior Thesis Projects

With the closing down of in-person University functions, it means all the senior thesis capstone projects have had to find a way to move online. We have several animation projects this semester which will be announced on the APSU Art + Design Instagram and Facebook pages.  Check out the full Press Release at this LINK.  Our animation student Myles is also quoted in the article:
On Monday, April 27, APSU senior Myles Johnson will present “After School Cartoons” - an animation project that recreates the channel-surfing experiences of his childhood. Johnson created a website to host his collection of videos. 
“I mean, this whole thing has been rough,” Johnson said. “My main idea was to immerse the viewers in a living room environment to transport them to a time specific in my life when I would come home from school and watch cartoons. Now that my show will be online, that idea is so much harder to execute. I have to find some way to make a website that will do the same job the living room would have done. I have a positive outlook on this, though. Animation lends itself well to being in an online format, so I'm lucky in that regard."