Sunday, September 11, 2011

Class 3 Week 11: Pumpkin Finale

Spent the most time this week working on the fall.  Tried to make it a bit bigger/stronger - really worked on the arcs of his body and limbs, and get them all to reinforce the movement.  Adding the little double bounce on the body was a happy accident that I loved and built up.  Really focused on using overlap on the arms/hand/fingers and leg/foot/toes to sell the fall.

Speaking of fingers and toes - also spent a lot of time adding those little details throughout the shot, from gripping the pumpkin, catching himself, toes on the weight shifts....took a lot of time, but it really helps.  One of those where you tend to "feel" it more than "see it" the first time through...but really gives life to the character.

On a side note - taking a tip from one of our lectures, on the beginning I combined his actions.  That is, he looks around and walks forward at the same time, and even starts to reach at the same time.  So far most of my actions have been very 1, 2, 3....look, pause, move....etc.  Having this overlap of movement AND intention really was a little revelation.  So, I look forward to keep exploring these more natural and complex and interesting way of telling the story.

But now...I'm looking forward to my vacation to Alaska with my wife!