Sunday, October 16, 2011

Class 4 Week 3: Refining the actions


Had some really great notes from my mentor this week.  Lots of little touches to the body mechanics that make a world of difference.

Most of the beats here remain the same.  The most significant change to the blocking is I have him tossing the apple in the air for a minute instead of the shrugging movement I had before.  I did this to 1) keeps his focus (and the viewer's) more on the apple, which 2) gives him a moment of contemplation before carrying out his attempted steal.  It's the moment he makes the decision.  That bit was actually something I noticed in one of my video ref outtakes - I really thought it made a nice storytelling moment.

He also begins watching the donut from the first moment he appears on screen.  This really helps set up his intentions from the very start, and by having the donut 'draw' him in the entire time really adds to the characters relationship with food.