Sunday, October 23, 2011

Class 4 Week 4: Polishing up a Steal

Well, felt like a lot of effort to get this weeks assignment out.  Had that moment of possibly overworking the animation, to the point that it took a lot of time to get it back to its same quality.  The changes I made seemed small going in; a different look here, a new focus there...but they added up to some significant changes to the acting of the shot.

Where before the character seemed more paranoid about his surroundings and who was watching, now he seems almost exclusively focused on the donut debate.  Only at the end do we see that concern about who was watching.  I think it makes a simpler stronger statement, although it was hard to give up some of those other moments.  Really looking forward to this last week on the assignment, when it's mostly just cleaning up all the curves and really making the animation sing!