Friday, March 27, 2015

"Home" Opening Day!

With Oh and Capt Smek
My co-worker Dave ready to try the Slushious drink
Bubbles and bouncy castles
Capt Smek takeover
After starting on the film more than 2 years ago..."Home" finally comes out today!  We had a great lunch at work to celebrate, with decorations from the crew party overtaking the campus, so free giveaways, and lots of snacks/desserts on hand.

As of right now, the movie is looking to open stronger than most people thought.  This would be great - not just for the company, but because it's a endearing beautiful film that deserves to find an audience.  Our director, Tim Johnson, is a great storyteller to have shepherding this film along.  More than any film I've worked on, this production really because a little family out here - and it's always a little nerve-wracking to send that baby into the world.