Monday, March 30, 2015

"Home" Opens with Huge Weekend!

Everyone is smiling!

Whew!  After a really tough year, and an even tougher last couple of months, we finally had a reason to celebrate today.  Home earned double what it was expected to this weekend.  We actually didn't hit 59mil, we came in more around 52mil.  To put that in perspective, it's the 3rd highest opening for an original title released by DreamWorks - trailing behind Kung Fu Panda and Monsters Vs Aliens.  BuzzFeed had some interesting charts illustrating this:

Our director Tim Johnson, seen above during the Mon lunchtime toast, said he asked Fox to give some examples of what those numbers mean.  It means 7 million people bought tickets this weekend.  Pretty great turnout for the little movie at DreamWorks that, honestly, most people weren't paying much attention to because seemingly everyone was churning away on Dragons2.

It was so great to see everyone at work smiling again.  Just look back at that picture of the producers, director, and Katzenberg - everyone can't help but be grinning ear to ear.  So they held a toast over lunch, brought back the Slushious machines and spiked them, and we all took a moment to appreciate some good news for a change.

Theaters should be selling this at screenings