Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trolls Breakdown of A Scene

This is really great!  This was one of my favorite scenes in Trolls (back in the storyboard form I last saw it in).  It was hilarious and was a great exposition of character for Poppy, and set the tone of the movie in general.  Hopeless optimism.  So I love that the directors Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn break the sequence down for the NY Times.

I talk in class all the time about how things that work in storyboards don't always translate into CG animation.  It's an idea I first heard from Mike Mitchell back on Shrek 4.  Then I had scene it personally with moments that were hilarious in boards, and just fall flat or feel a bit gruesome in the more tangible world of CG. Bits like Mort throwing up cake in Madagascar 2 was always a big laugh in boards - and it just felt wrong in CG.  Well - imagine the insane freak-flag-fly world of Trolls.  It all worked wonderfully in the story reels.  But I had my doubts how it would translate - one that things wouldn't get "softened" by the executives over the course of production, and two that that'd have to stylize the hell of out it to pull it off.  It looks successful in all the clips I've seen so far.  I'm just so happy that this weird little movie was able to stay weird.