Saturday, November 5, 2016

Trolls Opening Weekend!!!

It's here!  The last film I will have worked on at DreamWorks (well, unless they resurrect B.O.O. or Me & My Shadow...which is likely and a possibility).  It will be for sure the last DreamWorks film I'll be credited on (see below!)

I can't wait to see the finished film.  My two boys are going crazy to see it after listening to the soundtrack for the last month or so (including it on constant repeat on a two day drive to Nebraska). And DreamWorks seems to have FINALLY figured out marketing for one of their movies.  So we've been eating Trolls cookies and gummies, playing with Troll dolls, reading Trolls name it.

Hopefully it'll have a nice weekend and some solid legs.  I'm sure Dr. Strange (which you may have heard of) will take first place - but I feel like this damn little optimistic movie is just what the world needs right now.